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Thread: Paid Support? I Was Told Free Support For Resellers!!!

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    Thumbs down Paid Support? I Was Told Free Support For Resellers!!!

    When I first got on with Epygi I was told that I would get free support as a partner / reseller.

    Since then, the company has back pedalled and now makes me pay for support even though I am selling their product.

    I find that the new policy really makes it difficult to sell their product specially after I have suffered from set backs due to buggy firmware updates.

    If anyone from Epygi is reading this they should forward it to their president since he should be made aware about the status of the company and what those of us trying to sell their product have to go through!
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    Hi Juan,
    You are correct, until March/2009 Epygi offered free technical support for ALL Resellers. As much as we would have liked to have continued with this model, logistically, this was not feasible. As the number of Resellers continued to climb the model needed to change. Technical support also comes at a cost. To continue to offer the best possible support we had to move to a paid support model. Compared with industry standards, the price is extremely competitive. Many Resellers receive direct support from their Distributors. Resellers who wish to continue receiving direct support from Epygi often include a part of the Epygi support into the sale of each system so the expense can be covered.

    I will call you Monday to further discuss this.


    Andy White
    Director, Technical Support
    972-692-1166 X52

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