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Thread: Remote Extensions Registration/Setup Issue

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    Default Remote Extensions Registration/Setup Issue

    I have been searching this forum for a solution to my problem. I need help for my remote extensions working properly on my Epygi Quadro 4x.

    The problem I'm facing is that my Remote Extensions (Snom 300, Snom 320) are not registring properly. The registration keeps dropping after a certain time. I have assigned different static IP addresses to my remote extensions phones (all my remote extensions are on the same remote site), but some how Quadro is not getting the correct IP address. IP Line Registration Status shows the same IP address of all the remote extensions.

    Could you please advise how to setup these remote extensions. I have read plenty of posts here, and have tried different solutions suggested here but none seems to be working in my case.

    I would appreciate if you can advise in simple steps how to register the remote extensions. Please let me know if you need any information regarding the network settings or my extensions settings.

    I would really appreciate your help.


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    I would like to add a little about my setup for remote location 1:

    Remote Ext 500 and Ext 501 are on the same remote location 1 (Phones are behind NAT Router: Netopia 3000):

    Snom 300 for Extension 500
    Snom 320 for Extension 501

    SIP Registration Settings for both extensions:
    SIP Server: same IP Address (my Epygi Quadro WAN IP address)
    Port: 5060

    (Keep in mind i have tried different ports, but none seems to resolve the registration issue)

    Remote Extensions Settings for both extensions:
    RTP Proxy - Enabled
    Fallback To Local Extension When Not Registered - Enabled
    Symmetric RTP - Disabled

    Remote location 2 extensions were working fine, but now they are having the same registration issue (Cisco 7960 and Cisco 7940 phones are being used in the 2nd remote location).

    Am I missing some settings? I would appreciate if someone can give me an insight on what may be causing my remote phones registration issue. Let me know if you need any other info about my setup.

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    Quick Update:

    I've been able to register my remote extensions, but some how the Registration State in the Line Status is showing Not Registered. My IP Lines Registration shows that my remote extensions are registered .

    All these remote extensions seems to be working fine now. I can dial out and receive calls without any issues (use different features, make calls from ext to ext), but i did notice a little delay.

    Just wanna know if the Registration State for remote IP lines (extensions) supposed to show the state like local extensions or not?

    I would appreciate if someone can reply back and clarify.

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    "Symmetric RTP - Disabled"

    Should be enabled ....

    On the SNOM handsets, check for the same...



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    Thanks Kevin.

    One quick question... Does Registration State in the Line Status supposed to show Not Registred for remote extensions? Shouldn't it be showing the Registration state or is it only for local extensions?

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    It should show up as registered... with an (R) for remote..


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