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    bonjour ? tous,

    Je souhaiterai configurer l'auto-attendant de tels fa?on que quand quelqu'un m'appelle, il faut qu'il puisse avoir une musique de pr?decroch? et que en m?me temps mon t?l?phone sonne.

    Quelqu'un sait-il comment faire?

    Merci a vous tous.
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    If we've correctly understood from the Google translator, you want the people, who call you, to listen your predefined music instead of ring tones. If it so, then do the following:

    Go to the Users-> Extensions Management-> 00(Attendant)-> Attendant Scenario, mark the checkbox “Enable Ringing Announcement”, in the field “Upload new ringing announcement” choose the music .wav file you want and then press the “Save” button.
    Note. the .wav file must be in PCMU (CCITT u-Law) wave format.


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    no, i want really When external people try to call a specific extension (standard), related to an Epygi quadro, I want that they hear a music or a message while my phone is ringing.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, it is possible if external people call to an extension through auto attendant. I mean when external people call to Quadro auto attendant, then dial an extension on attendant prompt.
    The configuration in my previous message


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