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Thread: Set up extns with 3 digits & 0 mid digit

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    How do I set up extensions with 3 digits and 0 as middle digit? e.g.
    - 201
    - 202
    - 203

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    Use the call routing table.

    Create a new entry in the call routing table with the prefix of 201
    Discard 3 digits and set the prefix to 16 (or whatever extension)

    So basically if someone preses 201 the call routing table routes the call to Epygi extension 16.

    Repeat for every 3 digit extension you need.

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    I have followed this procedure of using the dialplan - but it is causing the
    system to slow down to an almost complete standstill. We have about 50
    extensions to configure.... any other suggestions?

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    It seems you have to wait for 4.1 SW version - first,it fixes the slowdown problem, secondly (alternatively), it gives an ability to simply add 3-digit extensions.

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