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Thread: Change ringtone to custom tone.

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    Default Change ringtone to custom tone.

    Is there a way to change the ring tones for Snom 300 & 320 phones. The inbuilt tones are terrible and can hardly be heard when a small distance from the ringing phone.

    I have the volume set to high but still get many complaints from clients at various sites regarding the phones being too quiet to hear while user is not at their desk.

    Any help appreciated,


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    There are 10 selectable ring tones on the SNOM handsets and also the capability of using a CUSTOM tone...

    What is the problem ? are the telephones situated within a noisy environment or something? if so then ou need to use either a LOUD Bell / TONE Ringer to resolve that. Either the bell gets connected to an FXS port and when a call rings in it rings the bell or having a PA Amplifier to broadcast calls through tohe PA.


    IP Pa:

    The IP Pa will allow you to integrate to normal speaker PA combination as a preamp.



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    Hi Kevin,

    The phones in question are in an office environment, but it is quite noisy. Users are always wanderring between offices and can not hear their phone ring when in the building but not in their office. I know bells etc are available but I was just wonderring if I could just upload a louder ringtone to the snoms so they could be heard.


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    Lee you are right you CAN just upload a new ring tone to the handset - just use CUSTOM as the ring tone ..

    Or you could adjust a setting called Ear protection that by default is turned on wish makes the incoming ring tone sounds low although you have set the volume to its maximum. Turning Off the setting will make the ring louder. You can find the Ear protection setting under Identity and then Behaviour.



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    Thanks Kevin, But i don't seem to have the ear protection setting on either the snom 300 or 320's. I found references to it on the M9 model though. Never mind.


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