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Thread: Remote Management Problem.

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    Default Remote Management Problem.

    I have a strange problem. I have a quadro 16xi and a quadro 2xi on seperate client sites and have set them up to allow me to remotely administer them. However, i have just noticed that if i edit any of the extensions from the quadro GUI, the quadro kicks me out leaving back at the login screen. This happens on both systems regardless of what extension i try to edit.

    But it only happens when i am trying to edit the extensions remotely from the extension management page.

    If i go to the line settings page and use the links there, i can get to and edit the extensions settings page.

    Any idea's. I can;t see the point of remote administration otherwise, it's costing me time and money now.

    All Equipment set up with the latest firmware and all correct ports forwarded.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Hi Lее

    Try to change browser, maybe the problem is in browser.

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    Thanks Ashotar, I have tried different browsers (firefox & IE8) as well as different internet service providers. Alas the outcome is the same if somewhat intermittent.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?


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    Which ports are forwarded and where? please provide something like network diagram. Are the Quadros placed behind NAT devices?
    If so, as a way to go, I would suggest to change the forwarding port(on NAT device) to some other ports.


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    Sorry for late reply, been busy. The quadro's are sitting behind a routers at 2 different sites with ports 5060, 6000-6099, 8080(http) & 49152-65534 forwarded to them. The problem occurs on both units when trying to access extension management or any of the so called hidden pages. It occurs from at lesat 2 remote sites with both internet explorer 8 and firefox.

    Any idea's?

    Thanks again,

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    Hi Lee,

    Is there any possibility that routers suddenly releases opened sessions to quadros?


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    I've got no idea ashotar, I'm afraid i'm not too switched on with routers and am struggling a little. How could i tell if what you ask is happening?


    PS, Both routers are billion 804 series.

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