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Thread: Transferring call from FXS / Analogue extensions

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    Default Transferring call from FXS / Analogue extensions

    Hi There,

    I was wondering, i have never used the fxs ports / analogue extensions much on the Epygi mainly because i find that when trying to transfer a call from the analogue extension, there is a delay when pressing the "R" or flash before you get a dial tone, its not a long delay, say around 2 seconds but it does seems to be longer that standard legacy systems. Does anyone know how to make this delay shorter or immediate?



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    Hey there Shaun,

    The only thing I could suggest is to adjust your timing for flash / recall if that was possible ( i cant remember if it is part of the tone scheme or adjustable ?)

    I use it and it appears to be the same for most system that I deal with .. ie Hybrex, Aria, Samsung, Siemens, NEC, Panasonic etc.. they all have their own ways but usually analogue is limited by the switch hook flash / recall timer ... 600ms or 90 - 110 ms time...

    Maybe it is the former that is the problem ? do you use 600 ms or smaller ?



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    There is a hidden page on Quadro - "linesconfig.cgi" with the following two parameters in it:
    - Flash MIN Duration (default is 200 msec.)
    - Flash MAX Duration (default is 800 msec.)
    ...which means that any "on-hook" for less than 200 msec. will be ignored by Quadro. Any "on-hook" for more than 800 msec. will be considered as a real on-hook and will disconnect the call. Anything else between 200 and 800 will be considered as a flash-hook resulting in closing the voice channel of the call and giving the dial tone to analogue phone for dialing a new number.
    These parameters you may need to adjust if the flash duration of your phone doesn't fit the 200-800 range but all the phones I've seen so far fall into that range.

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    Also, i forgot to mention that there is a 2 seconds timeout on Quadro FXS after pressing the flash-hook. After the flash Quadro waits for 2 seconds for you to press another digit, for example, 3 if you want to set up the 3-way call from your analogue phone. Probably this is causing the delay you've mentioned above. For the full list of the feature codes based on flash please see the "Feature Codes" in on-line help

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    Update for Australian Pabx Users our Pabx's and cordless's are set for 100msec or 600msec some units are selectable form the handset unit other are hard coded to the boot rom.

    this has been our standard for TDMA systems for the Past 30 years so in the Quadro linesconfig.cgi set Flash min to 100 and the max to 600 this will then allow call transfer from any Australian Sold cordless I.e Uniden Oricom Panasonic etc... by simply pressing the flash key VIA the dedicated button on the dect phone /

    Dont confuse the INTERCOM BUTTON with / flash AS ITS USED TO INTERNALLY TRANSFER FROM 1 dect to another dect locally on it base station which the Epygi will have no control over

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