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Thread: Default Attendant routing fails

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    Default Default Attendant routing fails

    Hi all

    I configured a new Q6L last week (current software release), set up 1 analogue trunk and 2 user extensions (SNOM300).

    When I made test calls, i can call internally between extensions, I can make calls out, and I can receive calls through the analgoue trunk. This is what happens when I call in:

    - Attendant answers (default greeting: Welcome to attendant, if you know the extension dial it now) -> I can dial either of the two configured extensions, call is presented to the correct extension

    - If I do NOT dial an extension (the call should go to a pick up group of which both extensions are part of): Attendant first prompts to dial the extension, then after one pass it prompts to search by name, followed by #. If I dial the opt out, I get prompted for user name and password, if I do nothing, call tries to route, but disconnects.

    I have not installed the system on site yet, as I want to resolve this first.

    I am a bit lost here, I compared my config with a known working system, and can't see any difference.

    Where do I start looking?

    Thanks and regards

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    The system needed to be changed to PBX in the KSE configuration hidden page. That problem solved.

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