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Thread: Snom with CTI Integration

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    Default Snom with CTI Integration

    It would be great to build up a post of all the integration products that work well with Quadro installations and have it at easy reach here on the Forum.


    Flexor CTI [snom Edition]

    snom's portfolio of cutting-edge SIP-based telephony devices are recognised for their rugged commercial grade performance, reliability and ease of interoperability, ensuring a well deserved reputation for high security standards and functionality that make everyday communication in the business area considerably easier.

    Flexor CTI [snom Edition] enables snom telephony to seamlessly integrate with Outlook (see Flexor CTI for Outlook) and leading CRM applications (see Flexor CTI for CRM) to bring advanced call features and the potential for improved business processes to snom users intent on maximising ROI.

    Flexor CTI [snom Edition] supports the snom 3-series and 8-series IP phones, and is also available from snom technology AG as snom Flexor CTI.


    This is one of the packages available to integrate with the Quadro at the Telephone level ( SNOM's only ).
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