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    Hi all,

    How do I configure a button on a phone to enable / disable certain caller ID features on the extension?

    I want a button that my boss can press if he wants call hunting / find me or follow me service enabled / disabled.

    Is this possible?

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    Only the unconditional call forwarding can be toggled from the phone dialing *4. The other caller ID based servces cannot be enabled/disabled from the phone.

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    Hrant, what about using the enabler disabler functionality in call routing to perform the actions via the extensions profile ? is it possible using that method ?



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    That's right Kevin, you can use that method as well, thoug it is tricky a little bit and therefore i didn't mention it. Creating two virtual extensions with the same service enabled and disabled, you can switch between them via enabler/disabler functionality of the call routing. On the boss phone you have to configure a soft button to send the call routing enabler/disabler key to Quadro.

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    Thanks for the responses all!

    To confirm, in call routing I would have a rule that states Any calls with destination to [ext @ office] to discard those two digits and replace with prefix/suffix of new extension?

    would it be too cheeky to ask for an example of the soft key Action URL to enable / disable a call route?

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