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Thread: Divert AA button on phone

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    Question Divert AA button on phone

    Does anyone know is it possible to have a button on a phone divert the AA to an afterhours ext?

    I hope that makes sense. here is a longer version which may be clearer

    We have an AA setup to answer calls and send to 4 options. but we would like to be able to push a button on our reception phone to send all call instead to 1 after hours ext. (we are not always open and closed at the same time each day).

    If so how?


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    Sure ... it is very possible....

    Use the enabler / disabler function on call routing to do it...

    If you are using a number like -

    Pattern - 0388889999
    Prefix - 14 ( if you were using 2 digit for extensions )
    NDS - 10

    Use - the following
    000 - Disable
    111 - Enable

    Put this pattern above the next pattern which represents your current call route to the a/a

    Pattern - 0388889999
    Prefix - 00 ( if you were using those digits for the A/A )
    NDS - 10

    On the handset you would have 2 x keys ... 1 x enabler, 1 x disabler

    Key marked Night - speed dial type - entry = *77111#
    Key marked Day - speed dial type - entry = *77000#



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    Quote Originally Posted by zzainne66 View Post
    Sorry no idea.....would you please send some more information .Thanks

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    Cheers KSComs.

    I will give that ago

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    A divert option is their in the phone and is very useful thing. If you want attend the call from another phone just do one thing Divert the number to that number which phone number you want to use.

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