Lunacom is pleased to announce the release of QuadroCall (beta), a desktop call management application for Windows PCs. QuadroCall is Lunacom first step towards offering a comprehensive Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) suite with PBX Epygi integration.

It makes dialing and handling phone calls simpler and faster by adding click-to-call functionality into desktop computer. It also adds call notifications directly to the Windows desktop.
QuadroCall works by sending the phone number you wish to dial to your Quadro PBX and initiating a call back to your phone. Once your phone rings you pick it up and it will be connected to the number you called.

-Click to dial
-Ballon tray notification
-Record call details in call history
-View missed calls
-Drag and dial phone numbers
-Extension monitoring
-Connect many quadro pbx
-Export calls history in MS Excel format
-Power dial phone number lists – Next version
-Directory contacts – Next version
-Importing / exporting contacts (.csv file) – Next version

The beta version of QuadroCall software is available completely free with no feature limits but expires on June 30, 2010.

Download from:


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