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Thread: External PSTN Gateway Losing Registration

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    Exclamation External PSTN Gateway Losing Registration

    I have a Quadro 16xi PABX and two QuadroISDN Gateways.

    Both are running as Slaves to the PABX. Everything was working fine for some time, then a couple of weeks ago one of the ISDN Gateways lost its registration (simply became unregistared). Everything I tried didnt work, I confirmed connectivity to the PABX (ping tests) I tried re-entering the Auth Details, etc. Once I rebooted the GW, everything came right ( i had to redo the Call routing Rules on the PABX and the ISDN line config).

    This morning the other one did the same thing. Very strange.

    Quadro 16xi Firmware: 5.1.38
    Quadro ISDN GW Firmare : 5.1.14 (both are on same version)

    Nothing shows up on the event viewer on the PABX, any ideas where I should look next?

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    Default Possible solution to gateway lost registration

    I hope you find this useful.

    I was having the same problem and after many tests I found that the problem does not lay with the epygi but in the router

    The Denial of Service (DoS) protection feature was blocking the registrations and therefore it was showing as a lost of registration.

    The solution was to disable the DOS feature in the router. Security is not compromised in my case beacuse I am using the epygi firewall, but it is something you must consider in your configuration.

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