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Thread: Method of Re-Registering SIP accounts

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    Default Method of Re-Registering SIP accounts

    Recently I've had to change the configuration of my Quadro 2X ..
    Its now sitting behind a Modem/Router with a static IP to it and 3 IP phones.

    For one reason or another I've had to reboot/restart the Modem/Router on a number of occassions, and I find that after this event Quadro doesn't re-register the SIP accounts.

    Is there a way of forcing a re-registering of the SIP accounts without the need to reboot the Quadro?? and what about the IP phones?? at the moment I go through and reboot each phone as well.


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    There are two little tricks to do that.
    1. Go to the Extension Management, edit the needed extension and disable then enable "Registration on SIP Server" on SIP settings page.
    2. You can go to the Telephony->SIP Settings page and change UDP/TCP port save and rechanged to old one.
    Both this tricks will force for re-registering


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