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    Default Language Pack policy


    We are planning to produce a set of UK language prompts, but don't really want to go through the expense and trouble of asking Epygi to compile the pack for us. Maybe I've misunderstood the procedure.

    I've read on this forum about the hidden page uploadownmessages.cgi that allows you to individually replace the system prompts with your own recorded ones. However the document containing the named wav files does not appear to be in the download area.

    Is there a technical reason why this method of changing the prompt set not encouraged ?


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    Default Language Pack Policy


    The reason why we do not post the list of Quadro's internally used voice messages is because the list is being changed from version to version. Besides this, doing this on your own you will not provide needed quality. That is why we request recordings done in a professional recording studio to produce a legal Language Pack. If you are interested in having Quadro speaking UK English, please turn to the distributor in your area in order to organize this as it is intended by Epygi's Language Pack Policy.

    Best wishes,

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    Diana explained above why the list of the system voice prompts is not in download area. However, if you still want to use uploadownmessages.cgi to replace some of the messages, we can send you the list on your request.

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    Thanks for the reply Diana and hrant.

    I will probably request the list at some point in the future (the Australian prompt set does sounds very good though).

    A futher question. Are all the 'external caller facing' prompts customisable within the normal gui ? As far as I can see they are.

    Thanks again

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    Hi htcom,
    should you need the list of prompts, write an email to Epygi support and we'll send you the list.
    If my understanding of the " 'external caller facing' prompts" is correct then you are right, all the voice prompts played to calling party can be replaced from the GUI hidden page you've mentioned above. However, if you are going to replace all of them then i would suggest to build a new LP rather than replacing all the messges from GUI.

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