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Thread: add 2nd FXO gateway

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    Default add 2nd FXO gateway

    We are trying to get a 2nd FXO gateway... (Quadro 4X/4 FXO + 6FXO ttl = 10) + a 2nd 6FXO total of 16 fxo lines... customer started with 4 lines, grew to 10, & now needs 12 & still growing... can't get the 2nd FXO gateway registered...

    We questioned/verified before the sale of adding a 2nd FXO to make sure this was possible & got the thumbs up.

    The first one connected & registered the lines ok, but the 2nd one will not register.

    There are no instructions on how to add a second one.

    Can anyone help or give us a hint?

    As per "book" instructions we matched the pw of the IPpbx (same on all 3 devices now) it has been given an IP address from the DHCP server (the IPpbx) & I have followed the instructions just like the 1st one which connected successfully... Won't add in the 4X settings - says the password is the same and already in use - that would be the first shared 6FXO device.

    We thought that maybe the LAN side IP of the FXO which is might cause the problem as it is the same on both FXO's, so I manually changed the 2nd FXO to, still not registering the lines on the 4X.

    Any help appreciated. No "Book" instructions for this one that I can find.

    regards, Cal.

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    We have the same problem, we need to install a 2nd FXO gateway. Is it posible??

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    Lan side, enter IP PSTN service after ensuring that the quadro knows about the gateway...

    ie ..

    Slave master mode of main gateway to the quadro in the following example i will use the standard ip config - Quadro ( Master ) - Gateway 1 ( Slave ) - Gateway 2 - Gateway 3 ... to howe ever many you need and which type ...

    In call routing you send calls via the route of IP PSTN etc use the ip address of the gateway .. ie

    lets say you have a fail over rule for a Quadro 4x with 2 x PSTN lines connected to it... your staff dial 0 for an outside line .... if the system is full point it to gateway 3 / 4 or the slave gateway...

    Any calls in send them to the call routing table of the Quadro...

    I am not going to give you a practical example of how to do this... but the above even though it is simplified will give you enough information to get it right / close.



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    Thanks Kevin,

    now two FXO are working without problems


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