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Thread: Add Extension to Attendant

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    Default Add Extension to Attendant

    I have an account and 2 phone, in this moment first phone is attach direct to account ext., now I wont to attach my sip account to "00 Attendant " for ring specific int. number or all phone...what I do?

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    you can set unconditional call forwarding on your account extension.
    Not clear what you mean by ""...for ring specific int. number or all phone."

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    If I want to ring internal number I use attendant right? and for ring al phone on epygi?

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    I don't find call forwarding in my sip account... I find only in Line setting where I don't have my ext 99....

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    Go to extension management page and click on ext. 99. You will find UCF under Supplementary Services => Caller ID based services

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    Thanks... I find and resolve...

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