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Thread: No Call Forward when IP Phone Disconnect

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    There have been reports of the following issue. Can someone please verifywhat thecurrent handling is if an IP Phone is disconnected?

    I am going to assume that an extension profile has the option for a Busy Call Forward and a No Answer Call Forward. In the case where the phone is not connected we need to ensure that these rules still apply. It sounds like today when the phone is disconnected it always goes to Voicemail. We need to ensure that the phone's profile still follows the No Answer Call Forward rule to the defined extension what ever that may be.

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    Hello Warren,

    If IP Phone is disconnected, only the Unconditional Forwarding will apply. "Busy" or "No answer" forwardings cannot apply in this case, as the phone is not busy, and we cannot consider it as "not answered", as it is not even connected.

    This is the intended behaviour, which considered to be correct by designers.

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