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Thread: Account Time disconnect

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    Have you enabled NAT or STUN settings on the Quadro (STUN or BB NAT)?
    I can see from your messages that "via" field is local IP address of the Quadro, as well as "Contact" header, but there should be your public IP address (firewall's IP address), and port. You are trying to register on the public IP address
    According to SIP protocol reply messages should be sent to the IP in "via" field, which is local ip and your ITSP will not be able send message back. If your firewall is not mixing SIP headers, then having enabled NAT settings should fix this problem.
    But if your firewall is SIP aware, then problems might be in firewall also, as Kevin indicated.

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    I resolve the problem, I uncheck all in Sonicwall (NAT traversal, sip trasformation... and all), now I connect my epygi from 2 day and my accounts is online...

    Thks all.... Now I've another problem anyelse have a fw for thomson compatible with epygi? I think that only fw epygi compatible is 1.56.....

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