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Thread: Hotcall does not function with Outlook in Dutch

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    Default Hotcall does not function with Outlook in Dutch


    tried hotcall with outlook 2003 US version, no issues.
    tried it with the ductch version where Contacts--> Contacten and it does not load the outlook contacts.

    Anyone experienced something like that ?
    How can I get around this ?


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    Thank you for feedback on this issue. Will investigate and answer. I would like to ask you to help us in locating the problem. You know in the last version for hotcall there is an option to sellect all outlook contacts or selective contacts. Please check if hotcall is loading the sellective contacts or not


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    Default Hotcall does not function with Outlook in Dutch


    the new version with selected contacts doen't work either. Seems the program does not recognise the "contacten" folder (instead of contacts (English) Although there are many entries in these contacten...(+200) in the selected contacts popup window they all come back with 0 entries ???? It gives the full path but doesn't seem to be able to read the data in these folders....
    Hope this helps.
    Same with public folder contacts (in Dutch "Contacten in Openbare mappen"


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    This issue is under investigation now and seems it is a bug. Will inform you as soon as the new version with this fix will be ready


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