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    Is it possible to add a feature called call admission control on the Epygi PBX series? I would like to be able to set a maximum number of simultaneous calls from an extension registered on the sip server. If the client reach that limit the PBX send back a sip (486) busy here message. I mean like the Patton command "max-calls" which limit the number of the concurrent calls on the PRI interface.



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    The call admission control is implemented and is working on Epygi IP PBX products. But it isn’t configurable based on the number of simultaneous calls from an extension. It is based on the used overall system resources and needed bandwidth for making IP calls on the Quadro IP PBX. The purpose is to check and reject the subsequent calls when PBX capability exceeded. Otherwise new calls may overload the system and may have an impact to the quality of the other calls.


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    ashot thanks for your reply but i am still thinking that it should be better to have a counter on the extension where there is attached the external PSTN number. If I want to be sure that the client should not be able to make more than 2 voip external call the only way is to use a counter. what about if i want to make
    2 FAX call in G.711a
    2 voip call in g.729a
    1 voip call in g.711a and 1 in G.729a
    in each record i am making 2 voip calls but with different bandwith to make them. I mean the CAC on the bandwith is a great feature but we should have the CAC counter as well.
    David any suggestion about that?

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    There is a counter on Call Routing records having IP-PSTN type. You can restrict the number of simultaneous calls made through the record. On the second page of the Wizard enable the "Restrict the Number of Simultaneous Calls" and enter the desired number in "Allowed Call Count" field.

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