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    I've got a Quadro behind a Vigor 2820 nat router.

    Setting Manual Nat Traversal causes the registrations to the server to fail giving the message "Incorrect Remote Address".
    Interestingly, the other sip servers (sipgate and VoIP Unlimited) register OK.

    With STUN turned ON everything registers OK.

    I have set the SIP Mapped host, Mapped TCP host, Mapped TLS host and the RTP mapped host to be my public ip address (which is static). That's correct isn't it ?

    The router is running full cone nat and ports 5060 (udp+tcp) 6000-6099 (udp) are all forwarded to the Quadro.

    Any ideas what could be wrong ?

    Also, if you've got a static ip are you best avoiding stun ( or even sip alg ? )


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    Outgoing SIP register messages to and to some other sip server(on which Quadro registers successfully) should be captured and compared I think. You can also compare them looking on Quadro logs.

    Does Quadro correctly resolve using configured DNS in both cases(STUN enabled/disabled)?
    Anything configured in NAT exclusion table?


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    Thanks for the pointers Vahan.

    It certainly seems to be a DNS issue. Its strange in that sometimes it resolves, other times not.

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