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    Default Day night service

    OK, i have a quadro2xi with 2 sip carrier accounts setup and am using snom 300 & 320 phones. I have setup my own AA extension (ext330) and setup unconditional DND for ext 201 (our reception phone) I have recorded my own IVR (albeit with no key presses required by user). All units have latest firmware loaded.

    All incoming calls are directed to ext 201. at night i want to be able to dial *72 to turn on the call forwarding service, so all incoming calls are forwarded to ext 330 and hear my message, i then want the call to go straight to a shared mailbox on virtual extension 333.

    However, when i dial in, the call goes to ext 333 straight away regardless of the *72 state.

    Also when the message has finished, the standard AA message is played, i need it to go straight to the mailbox on 330.

    Any guidance much appreciated.

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    Default SOLVED Day Night Service

    I finally spent some time looking through the 1,000,000 downloaded pdf files i have aquired since getting my quadro, and i found one especially for IVR, so i managed to get my day night service running. Turns out it was surprisingly easy. Thanks for reading though.

    If in doubt, RTFM.

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    Sometimes the search feature brings up too many choices ... but the ones above and others written might also give you more insights into the strengths of the Quadro ...



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    Thanks Kevin,

    Have added your posts to my fast growing database of notes and manuals for the quadro. I think i've got a good handle o the whole IVR thing now. I was lloking at a ridiculously over complex scenario for day, night IVR, and finally boiled it down to a very simple affair with no user ineraction, so was able to just put it on as an answer phone message for a share voice mailbox of a viual extension.

    So thanks for all the help.

    2 quick questions though,

    1) is the indication lamp for shared mail boxes fixed yet? (it doesnt seem to work in my scenario)

    2) Do you know why the mdia streamer will not rok on vista?


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    Points 1 and 2 are being fixed and a release I have heard will be soon.



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