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    Default Quick Media Streamer Question?

    Has anyone managed to make this application run from a Windows Vista PC? I have a quadro2xi, everything is setup as per the instructions i have found here, but as soon as i press the start streaming button, the status bar at the bottom of the application shows "Failed to stream: music.mp3" and the app locks. I suspect it's something to do with Vista, not the app. But am unsure. I have tried many different mp3 files all with the same result. I have setup the channel and the port (5065) and set the extension to use the streaming from that channel. It works fine in XP, just not vista.

    Is there a favoured port to use in the RTP destination setup?

    ANY assistance much appreciated.

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    Hi Leeinsa,

    Media Streamer is working in Vista as well as in Windows 7, it has been tested. As to your question regarding favoured port, no actually there isn't such port. Just the Media Streamer port should be out of RTP port range. Use 7000 for example.
    Most probably there is no MP3 codec in your Vista system, that's may be the reason of streaming failure. Please check from Control panel - > Sound and Audio devices -> Hardware - > Audio codecs -> Properties -> Properties. Check if MPEG 3 Fraunhofer decoder is available. You can add it by installing Windows Media Player for example.


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    Thanks for reply/. Not sure what's going on with my vista machine. It has the fraehoffer codec loaded but media will still not stream. But it's not a major problem as i can stream from one of he other XP boxes.

    So thanks again.

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