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Thread: Inbound SIP Calls Not Working

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    Just wanted to update everyone on this issue.
    Turns out it was a firewall issue on the Quadro.
    The voice as Kev points out being the "Asterisk Lady" I cannot affirm but it is clear that it was definitely the result of the call being "rejected" by our Quadro.

    Here is why:
    1) In an effort to secure the Quadro, I created a firewall group named SIPTraffic.

    2) I then added several IP addresses of our trusted SIP servers to this group.

    3) I then modified the SIP Access firewall policy to only allow traffic from the SIPTraffic group.

    4) While this is a perfectly acceptable and I think important step for securing the Quadro, it is imperative that you include ALL the IP addresses that ALL your trusted SIP providers use in this group list.

    Since I inadvertently left out one of the IP addresses, the Quadro was rejecting that SIP traffic from the IP address in question, and obviously the call was never getting past the firewall.

    Hey, the firewall works very well!!!!
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