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    Default IVR redirecting calls

    Hi, I have a Quadro 16X firmware 5.1.31, and two FXO gateways firmware 5.1.13, the config in the Quadro have two IVR, and work fine, I am trying to do the following on one IVR but with unsuccessful results:

    When people call to company "welcome to company AB, press 1 to sells department, press 2 to technical support" this work fine (the attendant)

    When people press 1 should ring 3 times on the extension 132 (hard phone), and then to extension 232 should keep ringing; the extension 232 have no line attached, and is use for "Unconditional Call Forwarding" to call the cell phone of the 132 person.

    So how do a make this scenario work?? I try with:
    1.- Find Me/Follow Me ring like I want to but when it ring to the extension 132, give the message "please wait we are trying to connect the person that you are calling to" then ring to the cell phone after the 3 ring on 232. The problem is that I am from Venezuela and we speak spanish, so is a problem when people call and ear a message on english.
    2.- I try with call hunting but just ring om the extension 132, I read on the papers that Call Hunting disable the Unconditional Call Forwarding, plus the ext 232 have no line attached. So definitely wont work.

    Can you help me on this one??

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    Hi there,

    You should log into the download area so you can select the Spanish language pack and put that on your system...

    Do a search for ---> Spanish Language Pack (Spain) 4.1.6

    Now on the call to external number set up ... you dont mention what sort of line the call is being made on... it makes a big difference to the answer or reason you are unable to program this ...I can assume an FXO... if that is the case then this will not work...



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    Hi, if you mean the master of the IVR yes, it is in a Gateway FXO port, I there a way to use the FM/FM without the message "please wait we are trying to connect the person that you are calling to".

    I have the spanish language pack.

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    Hi, the answer of miguel.porro was my answer because i was log in with that account.

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    Hi, so is there a way to do when somebody calls to the company press 1 and call to the hard phone and then to the cell phone after 3 rings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by miguel.porro View Post
    I have the spanish language pack.
    From memory you need to install this on the gateway as well as the PBX


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    Hi, the thing is that I dont want any message when people call, they just have to ear the ring on the phone, and the quadro redirect the call to the hard phone and then to the cell phone.

    What can I do?

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    Hi KS COMs, the only way to do this is using Find me follow me??? can i disable the voice message when somebody call, because I dont want that message.. The customers get confused.

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