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Thread: ACD on the M32x

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    Default ACD on the M32x

    I have a problem on a customers site with a call presented to the ACD that refuses to ring the agents handsets intermittently.

    They are running 5.1.31 firmware on the M32X - valid licence key, ISDN 10 service via a DID into an A/A with a dial 1 for the ACD.

    SMR is showing that calls are coming into the queue, but intermittently there is a call that appears as entering the queue but not ringing the handsets...

    Settings inside the ACD management for the queue are :

    Queue Type = Ring all pattern

    Agent Ring Time = 295 secs ( I have changed this to 320 in case the Quadro flags the extensions in some way as being unavailable )

    Group Ring Time = 300 secs

    0 out to a voicemail
    Overflow to a reception queue

    I have turned on developer logs, and marked the entry to try and trap the problem... I will turn it off after in a few hours time... just in case the fault turns up and will ask the client to take not of the SMR and be vigilant to identify the time if the phones do not ring.



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    So far I have done the following :

    • Removed all non logged on agents
    • Removed them from using DND
    • Changed the ring pattern from ringall to round robin
    • Altered timers within the ACD Agent group settings
    • I have sat and watched the Calls appear in the SMR for 2 hours and walked to all logged in handsets to see if they were in DND / Logged in or not...
    All of the above has not stopped the calls from being reported in the SMR before the call leaves and goes to voicemail.

    ! peculiarity that I do notice is that the call when it is in the ACD does not show up in the Home page of the Quadro until it is answered by a telephone. I can see the call come into the Auto Attendant and leave when the call goes to the ACD, but I dont see it after that until answered.. Is that normal behaviour ?

    Expect a 10 meg log file from the Alloy crew....



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    Where is the promiced 10 meg log file, Kevin?

    BTW, the pecularity you noticed is ok. The active calls table shows only established calls (active ones with audio passing through), while SMR shows more.

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    Speak to Vahan .. he apparently is looking after the M32x logs etc Greg from Alloy sent them ?? / i could be wrong though... this is the system that is having remote logging issues due to pptp connections dropping etc ..



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