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Thread: Fax problems on EpygiISDN

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    Default Fax problems on EpygiISDN

    Hi all,

    I have EpygiISDN quadro BRI gateway on which I configured one of MSN numbers to be automaticly answered by the extension on which i would like to receive faxes. I have configured the voice mail settings on that extension to forward faxes and voice mail to one mail address. The problem is when I send fax to that MSN line, in 90% of the cases the fax dont answer and i get an voice mail with voice wav file atached. And in 10% of the cases when I actually receive the tif fax file it is garbled and unreadable.
    Has anyone had same problems? I have configured G.711a to be the preffered protocol on that extension and I have enabled the Out of Band DTMF Transport, Enable T.38 FAX and Enable Pass Through FAX... I am all out of the ideas.

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    In the Voicemail settings use silent recording if you havent done that already... it takes about 5 seconds or so for the Quadro to detect a fax so if you have a manual machine it will try and send a voicemail...


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    KSCOMS tnx for reply, I have the Silent VM recording enabled.

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    If you are not using a variant of frimware of 5.1.x I would suggest to upgrade it as there has been a major overhaul of faxing to email from within the system that remedies some of the problems for fax2email.

    If you have received faxes with pages missing or it appears to have small and large pages .. then I would bet you have an early version...

    5.1.x is a good firmware to use... just check all of the release notes before applying it just in case a modification to the firmware breaks a feature for you.


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    actually my firmware version is 5.1.14...

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    Ok .. check the firmware.. because I seem to remember that 5.1.18 was the start of the better firmware for faxing....

    I didnt realise there was a version 5.1.14 - here in oz i only recal 5.1.18 ...


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    To my understanding the 5.1.14 is the latest firmware for the QuadroISDN Gateway, I downloaded it from Support Center » Downloads » Gateway Solutions » QuadroISDN Gateway... am I missing something here?

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    Hmmm ... ok.. so to get my head around this... you have DID/MSN numbers being trapped in the Call Routing table for sending the call to a virtual extension within the gateway... ( I over looked your gateway only route and thought you meant connected to a PBX - thats why the comment about 5.1.18 etc )...

    The settings you have indicated seem sound for what you are trying to do... I do remember you can have Virtuals off the Gateway so that shouldnt be a problem but maybe the updated ECM Faxing hasnt made it into the Gateway firmware...

    Send David a PM or wait till he gets here and reads the posts ...


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    I suppose you have connected ISDN lines to different telecom providers(or to PBX working in Network mode) and not using the first ISDN trunk for FAXes.
    If so you may Stop previous ISDN trunk(s) and check again
    you may use first ISDN trunk to send/receive FAXes via ISDN.

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