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Thread: Snom 3x0 Missed calls

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    Default Snom 3x0 Missed calls

    I have a snom 320 with multiple extensions defined 300/301/302/303, each to a different ITSP. On the snom handset, if I scroll through ext by extension I can see as an example that ext 300 had two missed calls, Ext 301 had 3 missed calls etc.
    I cannot find a way to see directly from the phone the 'actual' missed calls specific to the Extension.
    If I look at the missed calls log I see the top level missed calls, so I am unable to identify which Extension the call was originally missed on.

    Any ideas ?


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    Try to reset factory defaults, and reconfigure the phone.

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    I updated snom 300 & 320 for version 7 (01.07.30) after the upgrade I can not see the call history - missed calls, incoming calls and dial. AFER an incoming or outgoing calls when I go to call history to see the show "no data available".

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