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Thread: Sending Station caller Id

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    Default Sending Station caller Id

    I can receive caller Id but having problems sending extension details Telstra say everything
    is Ok I have an M32 with E1 any Idea where i should look or has Telstra stuffed up

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    You will need to follow the tips for sending CLI from the Alloy Website...

    Speak to Steve, Phuuk, Greg, Chris or one of the other very learned Quadro Australian Distributor Staffer's

    Try ... 03 8562 9000 - option 3 - tell them Big Kev sent you ...


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    I spoke to Steve he said it should send caller id on default there was one config tried that but that did not work it sends the main number only

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    Sounds like you arent injecting the caller id for the extension that you use....

    Speak to Phuuk he is back on tuesday after the holiday like me..


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    Kev I got it to work on a BRI gateway but no luck on E1/T1 interface do you need to
    change any settings?

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