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Thread: Printing full extensions table and call routing table

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    Question Printing full extensions table and call routing table


    Is there a way to print the full extensions table and the call routing table? I am surprised that I could not find a way to do this. Maybe the web interface needs a report item in the menu where such a report would be available.
    Thanks for your help.


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    Download the config in legible text config and you should be able to do a print if I am nt mistaken....


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    Wink Need for some simple nice formatted lists

    Hi Kev:

    Thanks for your help. I did download the config in legible format.
    However that is for techies.
    The customer needs the following:
    . A simple list of user name and extension.
    . A simple list of user name, extension, user password, and the same for attached ipline

    Techies need a nice printout of the call routing as presented on the screen.
    Have a good day. I will submit this in the Suggestions section.


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    Well Toony... what would be ideal is if the feature list that an extension can log into and see... if that frame was printable... that might suit.. it also incorporates feature list as well...

    David...could you put it to the board please....



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    Which feature-list, Kevin..? I am not sure what you mean saying "feature". I would need a translation to a more common English

    Toon - (as I wrote in the Suggestions part of the forum) - why not to use copy/paste to Word/Excel for printing the extensions table?

    Best regards,

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    Hi david,

    The Feature Code list of an extension and the Your Extension-->>PBX Information would be good to be able to consolidate on 1 x printable page...



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    One printable page... Hmm... the feature codes list alone may need 4-5 pages... The extension page too - depending on the number of extensions...

    Though I agree, it will be nice to make some specific pages more printable... We have to just selcet the moste needed pages (you already mentioned two of them). What about asking Greg/Chris to open such request with us? I could add such request into out task list, but will definitely have low priority unless we see more demand for this. A request from Alloy would show such demand...

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