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    Default Need for New Quadro


    i'm more and more facing customer request : they want to have both ISDN and FXO on the quadro;

    today in France all ITSP provide a "box" ( modem, router ) including a free Voip line through an FXS Port.

    customer wants to use this "free" line , they pay incuded in the Adsl fee.

    I imagine following configuration :

    - 1 ISDN port
    - 2 FXO ports
    - 2 FXS ports

    10 extensions ( 2FXS and 8SIP )

    of course all that with a 700$ vendor price

    does somebody have same need ?

    Henri Elspass
    Technologie IP

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    I think to be honest, all Carriers are pressing toward SIP IP Connectivity because the older style of communications is being outmoded eventually, like ISDN, PSTN will both be removed in the long term. High Definition is taking over and is easier to transition because of the pipe that is needed is purely an ethernet / SHDSL / worst case DSL technology... to provide a larger codec G722 which is far greater than that of the G711 aLaw for ISDN.

    I can see the need for a gateway device that is modular in design which provides or ISDN2 and FXO type connectivity within it...

    Ie ,
    1 x module = ISDN2 connectivity for 2 x Digital lines
    1 x module = PSTN connectivity for 2 x FXO Lines

    Maybe even extend the usage to expand the extensions as needed

    Say 2 / 4 / 8 module device that could mean a combination of the above ..

    So in a 2 module device you could have 2 x ISDN lines and 2 x PSTN lines, a 4 module device for combinations of the above ... etc..

    The other thing that would be good perhaps is to be able to provide for additional FXS ports.. so maybe the modular design could encompass that too...

    Just my 2 cents... perhaps that sort of device has been talked about before...


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    If you are based in France why not just move the ISDN number to an ITSP such as Keyyo. I tihnk that it would be nice to dove tail the fxo port of the quadro to the fxs port of the livebox/freebox etc but I dont believe that this is possible

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    the fact is that in France , a lot of clients a not confident in the stability and aavilability of Adsl line, so they prefer to keep their ISDN link foir incoming calls.
    and for outgoing calls the're ok to use IP connection, but of course first of a all the "free" line of ther "box"

    for the long term , i agree with kev, ISDN will disappear
    but today I could sell 2 quadros a week if I had both ISDN and FXO connnectivity


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    Hi Henri,

    You could install the Free SIP account from Free provider in France (I know that they give one !). So your client will call for free with this SIP account.

    And you won't need an FXO connectivity.

    I'm french, so if want to speek in french, it would be easier to understand each other.

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    Hi Jeystrash

    yes I know , that's true only with "Free" ISP but most of SMB use "Orange" Live-Box
    so this issue is still open.


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    ... well, now I understand where this strange request comes from...

    I am not sure if you are aware of this, Henry, but according to my information, somebody from France had a talk to Epygi bosses, and there is something done now to produce this kind of device (FXO+ISDN)..
    I am not too exciteed about this device, and also cannot give you any dates on this, but anyway... just wanted to inform that this is under works. You could probably find out more from tech support guys, if you are interested in the progress of this.

    Best regards,

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    NVIDIA Quadro is the processor of choice for our 2D and 3D graphics generation systems....

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