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Thread: Quadro DNS - no Hostname resolution

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    I have a Quadro 2X. All computers in my network request an Ip Address via the Quadro's DHCP. The DNS server configured to all DHCP Clients is the Quadro's Ip. When resolving Internet names and addresses names are resolved perfectly, nonetheless everytime that we try to solve a computer's address that is part of the quadro's DHCP leases it does not find the address.

    I will give an example. In the net we have a Dell printer that via the quadro's DHCP gets an address asigned. Users in the net send print jobs to the printer name rather than the ipaddress. Usually in all routers, the DHCP Server informs the DNS Server about hostnames within the network (of course only when the same device works as both the DHCP and the DNS).

    If I go to the Quadro's administration screen >> LAN Services >> DHCP Settings for the LAN >> View DHCP leases

    I will indeed see the name of all the hosts in the net.

    When from one host I try to solve another host name from the same net the Quadro will not be able to solve it.

    Is there a way around this problem ??

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    I know that the Quadro is not a WINS server, but I have seen this work in the past. Add the Quadro LAN address as the WINS Server to one of the computers on your network (make sure the radio button - enable netbios over TCP/IP - is selected)and then see if you can resolve by hostname.

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    The DHCP options of the quadro could be disabling netbios over tcp. This is worth a shot on two workstations to see if they will communicate, before you do it on all:

    network adapter properties, tcp/ip properties, advanced, WINS tab, and in the bottom 'netbios settings' enable 'Enable netbios over tcp/ip', click OK. I'm not sure if you need to reboot, but do it just incase.

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