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Thread: Auto provision remote SNOM as local extension

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    Default Auto provision remote SNOM as local extension

    Hi there,

    Is there any way to configure SNOM phones (300/320/360), which are located on various remote sites, to configure themseves as local extensions, rather than as a remote extensions ? We have a large number of such users, plus a couple of users who take their phones from site to site (yes, I know!), and need to be able to monitor their line status. It would also make rolling out handsets a lot easier ! Is there a standard config file that I need to set these units to load ? We're running a Quadro 4xi 3BRI with firmware


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    Default Auto provision remote SNOM as local extension

    Unless your remote sites are connected back to the Quadro via a VPN, there is no way to do what you are asking. Even then it's both complicated to setup reliably and it is not really necessary either.

    Let me explain.

    First, for local extensions, they get all their configuration data directly from the Quadro. They first find out where the Quadro is from the information they get back when they get their IP address (DHCP). With a remote phone, you generally have no control over DHCP so the phones cannot find the Quadro.

    If the remote phone has been setup correctly, user SHOULD be able to move from site to site. Further more, you can use the LEDs on the Snom soft keys to monitor the remote extensions when they are in use (BLF).

    Although I haven't tested it myself, you could also use the "Hot Desking" feature on your remote extensions.

    Anthony Cross

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    Thanks - that makes sense. I discovered that the problem with monitoring extensions was down to an old revision of the SNOM firmware, so no excuses now !!


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