I am trying to get my Quadro to use the voicemail of an exchange 2010 server. I have found the document for Quadro's and Exchange 2007 which i have used for pointers to getting the Quadro talking to the exchange server - which works.

What I would like to do now is use the VM of the Exchange server (for speach recognition, etc) as the voicemail server.

I have configured the use external voicemail for a test extension, and am using the sip uri of : ExchangeUMExt@ExchangeServer - this again connects me to the exchange server, but I only get the general greeting of 'Enter your extension number...' and it does not forward straight to voicemail.

I have been working for a few people and need ensure the below information is included in the SIP INVITE packet:

From: <SIP:[caller's number]@serverFQDN>
To: <SIP:[pilot identifier]@[exchange IP address]>
Diversion: <tel:[callee's extension]>;reason=no-answer

Is this possible?

Has anybody connected the Quadro to Exchange 2010 as an external voicemail server?

Thanks for the help