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Thread: IP phone has lost registration. Reason: Timeout occ

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    Question IP phone has lost registration. Reason: Timeout occ

    Hello everyone, maybe this issue is very common due to internet problems, but this is an extension is located in another are / state and sometimes works and sometimes is not working.

    When i verified the system events this is what i get:

    New Wed Feb 3 11:26:39 2010 3 SIP ip phone registration lost IP phone user E.Flores [] has lost registration. Reason: Timeout occurred

    This extension uses a Linksys SPA 922 phone.
    Any ideas?



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    Is the phone connected locally or it is a remote extension placed somewhere in the Internet?
    The event means - Quadro did not get REGISTER message from the phone, when it should have been received. That could happen due to network problems (network disconnected either on Quadro side or on Linksys side). Also it is likely to happen even in in a case of good connection, but if there are NAT issues.

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