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    Default Find Me / Follow Me - "User Not Found"

    Hi all,

    I'm having troubles getting the Find Me / Follow Me feature to work on a particular extension, 73 in this case. The "Unsuccessful Outgoing Calls" show that the PBX is attempting to make the call but has "User Not Found" in the details column. According to the logs, the call is originating from "Attendant" 00 to <7 digit num> which indicates that call routing is working.

    Some configuration details:

    - Outbound calls from extensions using 8 to ITSP work fine.
    - Call back service with same 7 digit local number (with 8 preceding it) works fine - also set to "Auto" call type.
    - Find Me / Follow Me is enabled for extension 73. Set to "Auto" call type, ring immediately and a local seven digit number with a 8 preceding it. I also tried "PBX" and using the full SIP address (using my ITSP) - no joy.
    - Call Routing table has 5 entries:
    1) 911 to FXO (default)
    2) 9?* to FXO (default)
    3) ?? to PBX (default)
    4) 8* to IP-PSTN using ITSP (wizard)
    5) {911} to IP-PSTN using ITSP (wizard)
    - 00 does not have any SIP settings.
    - 99 is my ITSP extension.

    Any suggestions?

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    You should always use "Auto" call type when forwarding to ITSP number. So when you choose "Auto" and the local seven digit number with a 8 preceding, everything should work correct.

    Do you see the same unsuccessful call entry ("Attendant" 00 to <7 digit num>, when using "Auto" call type? If yes - that should mean you are getting that error from your ITSP... Can you look in the SIP UA logs to see the call flow between your Quadro and ITSP in case of such call? You will need to makrk logs, then make a call to the ext 73 from any local extension, get the error, then go to the "SIP UA" logs and copy the part after the Mark sign.
    You may wanto to copy it here, so we can look into that too...

    Bes regards,

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