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    Red face connector sugarcrm


    I have implemented SUGARCRM and want to integrate this software with my quadro 2X, I 've tried to upgrade the EPYGI connector for such software in the System Menu of SugarCRM,
    I got ter following error message " The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: SugarCRM System Version: 5.5.0"

    It is possible to get a patch of epygi the connector sugarcrm, running well with sufarcrm 5.5.0

    Thanks for your response

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    Which "connector" do you mean? Where did you get that?

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    Default quadro and sugarcrm

    The software available on the EPYGI portal: sugarOS-quadroOS-451-1.1
    Does EPYGI plan to have a sugarOS-quadroOS-5.5.0 version ?

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    No, I suppose we are not planning to add such support for the Sugar CRM newest versions. If you need an integration to SugarCRM, you would need to hire a developer (a freelancer, probably) to do that work using Epygi's 3PCC interface.

    Best regards,

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    Plug-in-s for the following open source versions of SugarCRM are available for beta testing:

    - SugarCRM Community Edition v5.5.3
    - SugarCRM Community Edition v5.5.2
    - SugarCRM Community Edition v5.5.0
    - SugarCRM Community Edition v5.2.0
    Those who are interested in beta testing, please write to

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    Default SugarCRM 6.0.2 Support ?

    Good Morning,

    We just completed an upgrade to SugarCRM 6.0.2 for Red Hat/CentOS and were compiling a list of integration modules for installation. I recalled that Epygi Sales had always reported
    that a SugarCRM integration existed as an off-the-shelf addon.

    As of Oct 2010, is there any plugin for SugarCRM 5 or 6 ? And, if so, are Linux, Windows
    and Cloud versions supported ?

    If not, can Epygi provide the source-code to its latest production module, so that other developers can create updates ?

    Thank you

    Grason Software

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    the supported versions are listed above and the plugins are published on the web. There you can find the source codes as well.

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