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Thread: Cell phone gateway for the Quadro?

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    Question Cell phone gateway for the Quadro?


    Is there a cell phone gateway for the Quadro? I was reading the following article at a Shoretel reseller website:

    I was having lunch with one of my customers last week and we were talking about the fact that the monthly phone bill was one of the highest recurring costs for any business. As we continued to talk I asked him how many cell phones he had in his company.

    It turned out that he had a fair number of users on his cell plan. My next question was how many calls did he think they made out to the cell phones and back to the office from those users?

    Although he couldn't tell me for sure he thought it was a pretty high number.

    I was happy to tell him that I had a device that would save him being billed for any of those calls – a Cellular Gateway.

    A Cellular Gateway is a device that takes a cellular SIM card or cell phone and converts it for use with your in–house telephone system.

    I think you probably already see the mobile to mobile calls.

    That means we can program the internal phones system to always use the Gateway when calling out to cell phone users and we can program the Gateway to accept calls in from the same cell users so they can dial an internal extension.

    By using the free mobile to mobile call feature from the Cell Carrier you avoid ALL the cost involved with calling your workers out in the field.

    Sounds good huh?

    This is great for companies with remote field technicians or Salespeople.

    Let's take it one step about adding VoIP to this.

    Some Gateways will allow you to connect the cellular SIM to a VoIP SIP trunk and gain the advantage of lower cost VoIP calling.

    Think about it...your cellular users would call the Gateway and then be able to make calls OUT of your office on the VoIP trunk.

    See the value? Instead of chewing up minutes on the cell plan they are in effect making another free mobile to mobile call! Now that's some savings.

    This technology is only going to get more popular as time goes on as more workers use their cell phones for day to day business calls.

    I think that there is a cell phone gateway for the Quadro, but I forgot which one.
    Please inform us.

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    There are plenty of analogue / IP based cellular gateways available..

    Look at 2N for some that I have used before for customers..

    1 Sim version -

    4 Sim version -

    2N are not affiliated with Epygi at all... just me giving you some information... I am also not affiliated with 2N or Epygi - just a reseller and person that works with Quadro's


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    Search Nicherons online eBay store for Quad Band Quad GSM 4x Gateway:

    It is a rebadged GoIP 4 device, however the best documentation I've found is at the nicherons website.

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