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Thread: Incompatible IP media parameters

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    Default Incompatible IP media parameters

    Using Quadro FXO 6 port & tried with 3CX & PBXnsip, can make outbound calls but inbound calls through PSTN line I receive this error:

    "Incompatible IP media parameters or not enough resources, can not establish call"

    I am only using 1 line for testing, 4 other lines are setup for an asterisk phone system & work fine. They are setup on extension 11.

    the 5th line that I am using is set up to use extension 22. I have tried different ports (5061,2) different codecs but always receive the same error.
    the quadro is regeistering fine on the 3CX system.

    extension 11 has 45% system memory & 22 has 40%

    is this testing suitable or do I need a completely different quadro for this testing? Or what could be causing this error message?

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    This error could appear if your 3CX and PBXnSIP systems do not have any of the codecs Quadro offers. But I don't think this could really be the case.

    It is more probable that either Quadro doesn't offer all the codecs it has, or the 3CX/PBXNSIP have some restrictions on which codecs they accept for the incoming call.

    You can look on the Quadro GUI to see which codecs are selected for the "00" autoattendant. The same codecs are used for the PSTN incoming and outgoing calls Quadro does. If the PCMU/PCMA.G729 is not enabled there, you'l need to enable them.

    If that doesn't help, you would either need to look into codec configuration on the 3cx and pbxnsip, or look into the "System"->"Diagnostics"->"Show System Logs"->"SIP User Agent" logs, to see which codecs Quadro offers in INVITE SIP message, and also look which message you get from 3cx/pbxnsip in answer to that.

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    Thanks for the reply davrays, the "00" autoattendant has codec g729, g711a & g711u enabled, as does extension 22. PBXnsip has these codecs selected as preferred codecs but the problem still persists.

    strangely any calls I make through extension 22 are not appearing in the "SIP User agent" logs.

    I made 1 call to the working phone system, 2 calls to the line that should go through to pbxnsip & then another call to the working phone system.

    the quadro ip is
    the asterisk ip is
    the pbxnsip ip is

    under telephony > call statistics >missed calls it shows the two calls to extenson 22
    under telephony > call statistics > successfull calls it shows the calls coming into extension 11.

    also there is nothing in PBXnsip or 3CX logs about calls from the quadro either.

    * I have replace my mobile number with "mobile"

    is there a problem because I am trying to connect to two seperate PBX systems?
    or something else entirely?
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    It is pretty strange that the calls to ext 22 are not shown in the SIP UA logs. That means that they are not even sent to PBXnSIP/3CX. It also mean that theproblem is in the QuadroFXO configuration settings.

    I understand that the calls fro FXO line 3 are going to extension 22. But what did you configure on exteension 22? Do you have USF (unconditional forwarding) enabled on ext 22 to the PBXnSIP address? Which type of forwarding it is ("Auto", "SIP", other)?

    Also please look what do you have in the "Camm Controller" log when you try to make call to the PBXnSIP. You'll definitely have some logs printed there, which coukd help you to understand the problem.

    Best regards,

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