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Thread: Lamp Problem with SNOM phones

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    Default Lamp Problem with SNOM phones

    Have a customer with Epygi 2x and Snom phones. They are watching extensions and the lamps on the phones are staying on even when there is no call on the line. I have increased the presence in the generalconifg hidden page and that solves the problem for about a week and then it comes back. Any Ideas?

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    What did you set for the "proposed expiry time" and "subscription expiry (s) time" under identity->sip menu of your snom phone?

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    thay are at their default settings

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    We have noticed that this seems to be related to Intercom use at this particular client. Intercom calls are not ending. As soon as we know more Ill post it.

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    Ok can't quite figure this one out. Customer is using intercom and every once in a while the intercom connection will not terminate when the two phones hang up. both phones can continue to make and receive calls but the intercom still shows as active on the epygi ( we are seeing 2 and three day calls in the call statistics)

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