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Thread: Ip connection cannot be accomplished

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    Default Ip connection cannot be accomplished

    This message plays when we dial internal extension (151) all other 150-152-153... are working correctly.
    This happen when we dial 151 from AA as well as from another extension. IP phone is a Aastra DECt142 handset, all other handset are Ok. This extension is registred correctly. DND is not activate.

    Any Idea ??? Please help :-(


    Hans T

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    Problably, you don't have a route on the Call Routing Table to make the forwarding of the internal call to any extension, right? You must create a route to make internal calls (type of the call: PBX / pattern: 15? - to call any extension / metric: as default).

    Try it

    Ivan Leon

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    Thank you Ivan, I tried but unfortunatly it doesn't work.
    I already have a patern: ??? / type PBX
    And internal calls works for other extension (mean 152 can call 153 etc.)...and 151 can call other extension but cannot receive

    Any chance for Other Ideas :-)

    Best regards,

    Hans T

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    IP Connection Doesn't exist is telling you that an entry in the Call Routing was found for the digits that you dialed AND the Quadro is trying to place a call to that phone.
    You would also hear this message if you are trying to call a Remote IP phone on the internet and the phone cannot be contacted.
    It is also possible that someone has used the Call Forwarding settings on the phone to try to forward the phone to another number. Check the CFW settings on the phone and make sure it is not enabled. Call forwarding should be done by forwarding the actual extension using the *4 feature code on the Quadro.



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    Thank you Andy, I understand than the PBX try to transfer the call to the right extension (wich is correctly registered on the system) but unable to reach the phone.
    I also tough about CFW or DND but during the time I found the solution I have transfered the calls to another extension (155), so when somebody try to call ext151 the call is correctly transfer to 155. As soon as I cancel the CFW we get the ''IP connection cannot be''...message.

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    Thanks to both of you...Didn't find the solution yet but I think it is more a problem with the phone than the PBX. My customer have done a CFw with the phone features instead of PBX feature....since this time no connection...So I will find how to cancel this and it should works


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    Any call routing rules that may be conflicting, or out of order?

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    Thanks, i will review the CRT

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    Did it work, Hans? I am sure you are on the right track - if user enabled CF on the phone, instead of the PBX, you can definitely get such message from PBX. The call forwarding from a phone itself (as opposed to the call forwarding on the PBX) is strongly not recommended (and actually just will not work)..

    Best regards,

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