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Thread: G729 on M32x

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    Default G729 on M32x

    how much simultaneous SIP-calls can be placed with G729 codec on a M32X ?


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    The number for concurrent G.729 calls is 32 (in case if they are terminated on Quadro, i.e on Quadro VM or onboard E1T1 or FXS lines). G.729 calls proxied through Quadro (such as calls from IP Phones to ITSP), and limited only by overall external calls count, which is equel to 64 for M32x.
    And if IP phones are just calling to each other (or to some PSTN gateway in the same LAN), without passing their RTP through Quadro, then the number of calls in practically unlimited.

    You see, there is no simple answer to any question related to limitations

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