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Thread: IP-PSTN to my Polycom 320

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    Default IP-PSTN to my Polycom 320

    I admit this has got to be simple but I haven't been able to get my mind wrapped around it.

    I have a Polycom 320 phone, a Quadro 2x and two phone number with my sip provider. I want this phone to ring when either of my SIP provider numbers are dialed from the PSTN

    (I also have a pstn line on my FXO port and a set on my FXS port.)

    I can dial my FXO port from the PSTN and my FXS set rings (correct) and can dial out with my FXS set (correct). I can also dial my Polycom from my FXS set and visa versa. I can dial my Sip Provider number from the PSTN and get a generic voice mail intro.

    If I go into System > Status > Sip Regstration Status I can see my SIP Provider numbers as extension 98 and 99

    I'm sure I have to use Call Routing to do this. When I go Telephony > Call Routing > Call Routing Table > Add.... This is where I'm lost.
    I'm pretty sure my Pattern should be 8* and Number of Discarded symbols be 1
    Should my call type be SIP?

    When I click next there is no obvious place for me to put the extensions for my SIP Provider of 98 or 99. My SIP provider requires a username, auth username, password and host. There isn't enough fields for all these.

    Thanks for the help with the newbie question.

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    Welcome to the Epygi Forum,

    Now if I am right you are trying to make the Polycom Soundpoint 320 handset ring for ITSP SIP calls.

    Ie Routes 98 and 99

    Ok... under Users
    ---->Extension Management
    Click 98 / 99 ( depends which one you are needing to do at the time )
    ---->go to Suplemental Services
    ---->Caller ID Services
    Click Any address
    Click Unconditional Forwarding
    Enable Service
    Add the Extension number of the 320 and save

    Do that for both 98 and 99 that will make your 320 ring...



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