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Thread: Multi Tenant on M32x

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    Unhappy Multi Tenant on M32x

    I've a project to implement a M32x shared by several small companies
    I get a difficulty to hide extension informations between companies
    even if i don't show extension in public directory, every user is able to select any extention of the M32x in "Many Extension Ringing" page of "caller ID based services"

    is there any hidden page were this option can be deselected ?

    in fact an "extension group" notion is missing

    Henri Elspass
    Technologie IP ( France )

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    There is actually no special capability to hide extensions from each other.. You can make multi-tenant installation with M32x, but in any case users will see each others, and be aware of the existence of other extensions on te Quadro, if they can log in to the GUI. Typically in such cases integrator doesn't give users access to the extension GUI, if he doesn't want them to know about each other.

    An "extension group" notion is present in saveral places in the Quado, but I agree there is no common global "extension group" affecting all services and visibility of extension.

    This would be not a bad capability to add (to support truly multi-tenatnt installations, where users should not be even aware that they are sharing the PBX with other company). But this is not something we can do just as a small feature addition in a subsequent release... If you believe theis is something which can be of a big benefot, please ask your distributor to request that feature from Epygi.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks David

    in fact there is only the "many extension ringing" which is problematic
    the additional feature could be to add this in the granted user rights list
    so the administrator can disable this feature


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