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    When an Aastra phone shows Missed Calls the customer wants to use the dial feature to call back the missed caller. However, when he does this the Quadro will not let the call go thru because we use 9 to dial out and the Missed Call registry does not contain the 9 to get the call routed. They receive a "number dialed does not exist message". Is there a way to achieve this without eliminating the 9 call route. Any suggestions or best practices in this regard will be appreciated.


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    Best practice is to get rid of the 9 prefix for an external call

    Prefixes for external calls are a legacy from the bad old days of dumb phone systems that cannot analyse the complete number you have dialed to determine the best call route.

    You need to look carefully at your local numbering systems, but in Australia I typically use the 9 prefix, (in call routing), to dial via our Telco or a 2nd VoIP provider.

    For multi-site setups, I use 1xx for site 1, 2xx for site 2 and so forth, where xx is the local extension.

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    Daryl, thank you for your feedback. I was just wondering if the Aastra phones could insert a prefix to a call when generated from the Caller List. I suppose it would require some script programming. For now, I would do as you suggested. Probably the customer would love to the get rid of the 9 anyway :-) Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

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    Guys, actually there is another way to solve the problem too. Starting from 5.1.x versions, Quadro allows to add special patterns in Call Routing Table - those are patterns containing the symbol "@". This capability is created mainly for callback reasons.

    So if you want to be able to callback from your phone, you don't need to modify the existing "9*" rules. You just need to add a rule like "pattern=*@*:*, type=SIP, ..." and the callback will work. I wrote about that feature once in another thread: see

    If you callback through SIP server which needs authorisation, then instead of pattern=*@*:* you will need to use pattern=*@<yourSIPServer>:<yourSIPServerPort>, and set the "Use Extension" setting accordingly, so the autorisation could be passed.

    I know the my explanation is a bit messy and may not be completely understandable, so if you have questions related to the text above, please ask

    Best regards,

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    informative post keep it up man

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