Blind transfer always works.

Attended transfer works perfectly ONLY WHEN the incoming call's Codec is the same as the preferred Codec on the Snom 320 phone.

Scenario to reproduce the problem:
  1. Quadro2x firmware 4.0.8.
    2 x Snom 320's firmware 6.5.1
    Quadro 2x has preferred Codec 711a
    Snom 320's have preferred Codec 711a
    Call comes in as 729a.
    Call hunt to extension 18.
    Extension 18 accepts and establishes call.
    Extension 18 places on hold and calls extension 15.
    Extension 18 then presses "transfer".
    Incoming call is -NOT- transferred not to extension 18 ... but receives supplier message that "call cannot be connected"

Note - if in the scenario above at step 5 the call comes in as Codec 711a ... then the call is transferred perfectly.

Because the transfer works perfectly if the Codecs are the same, this would seem to be a fault with the "REFER / REPLACE" implementation in Quadro ?

Regards, MJH