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Thread: New 2x installation - best setup?

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    Talking New 2x installation - best setup?

    Hiya folks, hope everyone's good. I've been playing with my office 2x and found it a great bit of kit. I'm getting ready for my first customer implementation and have a couple of questions about LAN setup.

    My customer is taking sub-let office space so will be sharing LAN wiring with a separate company which has no real IT policy/firewall in place, nor VoIP. I'm installing 6 staff with a Snom 320 each plus Mac, and they may grow to 10 users. I'm supplying 2x aDSL2+ ccts, one for Voice, 1 for Data. I may install a dedicated firewall later but will initially use Zyxel 660H routers.

    Nice and simple, however they want to share an existing network printer (no public IP) with the other company.

    My query is the best way to split the network. I could use the current network but I'm worried about Data visibility. If I create a brand new network they won't be able to use the network printer... Is the best way to create a VLAN environment as the POE switch I'm supplying for my customer has VLAN ability? Not used VLANs before but the idea seems simple.

    I will also be networking this Quadro with 2 other sites in the next 3 months.

    Your advice is appreciated. Andy

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    Andy , if the customer asked me, i would tell them to buy another Printer...

    They are asking you to perform a miracle in networking to keep 2 subnets seperate except for the printer and to cater for the future...

    The only way might be if you have a domain controller and then it would seperate the visibility, shares, and partition the tennants...


    Actually, there is another way, provide a PC with 2 x Nics in it, one nic for customer A, and the other for customer B.

    Have that PC connect to the Printer, and share the printer for both networks.

    Let say you have 2 x subnets in the following ranges...

    Quadro subnet - Customer A
    IP Range : 172.30.0.x
    Netmask :

    Gateway : ( Quadro Lan )
    PC with Printer attached :

    Router :
    Quadro Wan : ( provides internet to the 172.30.0.x subnet )

    Tennant subnet - Customer B
    IP Range : 10.0.0.x
    Netmask :

    Gateway : ( DSL Modem )
    PC with Printer attached :

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    The above would then allow you to be able to gain visibility to the printer via that PC, and would also not route information from one side of the subnet to the other subnet.

    Unless I am mistaken.....



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    Ha! Nice, cheap and easy just how my installs go...

    I think I'll pay for a public IP on the printer.

    Cheers Andy

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