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Thread: Feature is on voice

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    Default Feature is on voice

    Howdy from Oz,
    Is it possible to disable the voice that says "Feature is On", "Feature is Off".

    I've got a client who is really pissed-off that his phone speaks everytime he enables/disables Do Not Disturb since a Quadro firmware upgrade.

    I believe there is a hidden configuration page that enables such things.

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    Well.. if you mean the "Feature activated" and "Feature deactivated" messages, then though you cannot switch them OFF, but there is a way you can please your customer.

    There is a page called "uploadownmessages.cgi", and you can upload there two empty recordings (short wavs with silence recorded) with the names "activated.wav" and "deactivated.wav".

    But note that this will affect all the users, and in all places where "Feature activated" and "Feature deactivated" messages are played.

    Best regards,

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