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    actually I have installed new epygi system for one clients of us, and every thing is working fine except two things,

    1. the caller Id
    2. remote extensionId in our office

    the caller Id, is not working even though, it is enabled from the telecom side
    when we receive an PSTN call, it shows anynomous
    and also in our office there is one epygi box and the CID is working fine, but now now not any more.

    I dont know what is the reason for that, and it is very important, to be worked

    2. remote extension, I have set remote extension, and connect public IP to the wan interface,
    and i can register, but the problem when I call someone make PSTN call, they can hear me but I cant here them using the soft phone.

    and in the wan statistics, it is written half duplex.

    can you please find for me the solution for that

    Thanks in advance

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    Please me too I am waiting for any reply

    I have the same issue here in saudi Arabia

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    For the problem 1:
    If the caller ID in your office did work, and is not working now, it is possible that your telco has changeed the way they were working. Lets make some experiments:

    Option 1. First make sure you have regional settings set correctly in the "System Config Wizard"!!
    If that is not set correctly, select your country, pass the wizard, and try if the Caller ID works now. If the country was set correctly, then proceed to the next option.

    Option 2. Open the hidden "fxocfg.cgi" page, enable "Custom Fxo Data" checkbox, and select some different setting for the "CallerID" filed. In Saudi Arabia you most probably have DTMF selected there. Try different settings, press save and make an incoming call to see which one will work.

    If one of those settings work, please inform us here, which one did work. This info ins necessary for us to adjust the future software accordingly.

    ************************************************** ***************

    For the problem 2:
    If I understand correctly, your Quadro has public IP on WAN interface. But what about the softphone? Does itr also have public IP? I suppose it doesn't. Most probably it is located behind NAT router and has local IP. In that case you will need to use "Symmetric RTP" checkbox on the "Remote extension" settings on Quadro.

    Best regards,

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    thnks for the reply
    i will check these things

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    one way audio is now solved
    but where can i find the hidden "fxocfg.cgi" page

    thanks alot

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    I have changed all the caller Id option but it is all the same

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    guyes... the problem for the Caller Id is still the same

    When I recive the call, it didnt show to me the number it show anonymous

    Please try to work on that, because it is very important
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    none of the options have worked with me
    please can you look for me another solution

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    If none of the option works, I suppose your telco is just not sending the caller ID.

    Contact your telco to check that, or get a regular good analog phone with caller ID screen, conneect that to that telco line and make an incoming phone. See if it shows the caller ID. If it doesn't show - contact your telco, most probably they have switched the CID indication OFF on your line.

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